Les Gîtes au fil du Loison

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The Loison: a charming little waterway

Les Gîtes au fil du Loison

Le gîte pour la famille

Le Gîte Perdu - Dombras-sur-Loison


At nearly 50km away from the Belgian border, in Dombras-sur-Loison, you will find this large holiday home in the Rue Perdue (the lost road).
In this peaceful dead end street the home is ideal for families with children to go walking and cycling.
The gîte is big and light. It has 3 bedrooms, a large terrace with bbq and a sunny garden to enjoy and relax in after your great discovery expeditions in the area!
The family dog is also very welcome!

gîte couple

Le Petit Gîte - Louppy-sur-Loison


Hey stop! You nearly passed it!
The renovated woodshed lies discretely between an old wall and a demolished farmhouse. Don't be disappointed by the appearance, the surprise is inside!
This gîte is characterized for its warm appearance due to the natural materials which have been used to restore it like the local oak wood, the French natural stone, the earthly colours, wooden beams and walls of moellons (local limestone).


les environs de Verdun

Le Grand Gîte - Louppy-sur-Loison


Its' name is justified: the large cottage! With 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms there is enough space for all the children and grandchildren!
It is a place to withdraw and relax with an infrared sauna and a dvd-player with beamer that instantly changes the living room into a cinema!
There is a fireplace, a bbq, a terrace, board games and last but not least wireless internet!
The kitchen is comfortably equipped with an oven, gourmet and fondue set and a microwave oven.

vakantiehuis voor vrienden en kennissen

Le Gîte les Deux Renards - Brouennes


This holiday house became available at the beginning of 2016 in Brouennes, a lovely village by the rivulet Bâalon and naturally finds its way to the Loison! In an old farmhouse two holiday homes were created and "Les Deux Renards" was the first one. Before the restauration took place two foxes were inhabiting the house hence the name "The Gîte of the Two Foxes". The two foxes have found a new nest to live in and the nice and cozy home is now available for you!

gîte 2 people

La Petite Grange - Brouennes


In what used to be the goatshed of an old farmhouse we created a lovely holiday home.
We removed the hay and the rubble, and we set about restoring the building. The result is a lovely cottage for 2.
On the first floor a charming living room with direct access to the terraces. Go up the steps to the top terrace and you'll have a superb view of the village of Brouennes.


Loison: charming little waterway
which rises in the north
of Meuse county in the region Lorraine (Grand Est).

A small and gentle river in summertime, inviting you for a picnic, surrounded by meadows where cows cool off near water and in the shade of trees.
In wintertime the river widens, wilder, fed by rains and tributaries (the Azanne, the Béronte, the Thinte, and the Remoiville) in the hilly and picturesque landscape of the northern Meuse.
The little river meanders through the villages of our cottages : Dombras, Louppy-sur-Loison and Brouennes.
It runs its course and at the end flows into the River Meuse.

Relax and let yourself be seduced by the course of the Loison.
The holiday homes in Meuse County on the banks of the Loison.